CBC says 40% reduction in environmental impacts demonstrates voluntary route is best option

CBC wins battle of Londonís bags bill

Carrier bag industry supports government initiative to work with retailers to reduce plastic and paper carrier bag usage

Industry defeats Scottish plastic bag tax bill

Industry welcomes Scottish Environment Committee
recommendation to abandon proposed plastic bag tax

CBC welcomes retailer initiative to encourage
more re-use of plastic carrier bags

CBC welcomes Scottish Voluntary Code of Conduct

CBC at PIFA AGM 2005

Plastic bag taxes fail to deliver real environmental benefits

Industry formally responds to misconceived claims used to justify carrier bag consultation

Scotland’s plastic bag businesses react angrily at plans for a bag tax based
on “Junk Science”

PIFA at the centre of the fight against junk science in uk and across the globe

New issues briefing demonstrates positive environmental benefits from
plastic carrier bags

A levy on plastic bags in Scotland would not help the environment

PIFA links with South African converters on plastic bag tax threat

Proposal for Welsh trials of carrier bag alternatives
will not help the environment

New Guides Published by Carrier Bag Consortium -
No Environmental Justification for Taxing Carrier Bags

Industry Goes on Environmental Offensive - Holes in Carrier Bag Tax
Revealed at Party Conferences - October 2002

Three Essential Reasons Why a Tax on Plastic Carrier Bags Will Not Help the
Environment - August 2002


The Carrier Bag Consortium is a group of major UK carrier bag suppliers who have uniquely joined together to fight the possibility of a carrier bag tax being imposed in the UK.

Such a tax would wreck jobs and businesses and do no good for the environment.