Think Cotton Bags Get Real !

Don't be fooled into thinking cotton or jute bags are better for the environment. Click here to find out what the Scottish Sunday Express has exposed about the cotton bag con.

A typical plastic supermarket bag weighs 8g and can be re-used many times. It can also be recycled into everything from black bin bags to weatherproof park benches and council litter bins. A typical cotton bag weighs 87g. Think about the carbon footprint of shipping ten times the weight of bags across the globe. Think about the contamination picked up by absorbent cotton or jute from shopping which ranges from fish and meat to bleach, soap and disinfectants.  

Think about the contamination in the bags even before they arrive here. Think about who is making these bags, what they are paid and their working conditions. Click here to view images taken by a UK bag distributor this summer in a typical cotton bag factory in a country where only 10% of workers have access to a toilet at work. Think about hygienic, sterile-packed, re-usable and recyclable plastic.(click here to see the difference in a plastic bag factory)